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50 Kilometre Training Plan

Before you start this program -  please take note:

Safety in any cycle is paramount so ALWAYS wear a hard shell helmet on any of your spins. Make sure it fits correctly.  Make sure that your bike is road worthy and that the brakes work.

These plans are set out as sample plans and you can alter them as you need to, giving your current fitness level, experience and lifestyle.


Keep a training diary to record your progress where you can fill in the distance and time you were training and even how you felt and what the weather was like.

Vary the route you ride on your bike so that you get to see more of the countryside and it will stop any boredom from setting in.

If the weather is bad you can take a trip down to your local gym and do a spin class or use some of the other aerobic machines (Stepper, Xtrainer, Treadmill, Stationary bike) to build your fitness level.

In our beginners plans you will see that there are scheduled rest days. Rest days don’t mean that you just sit down and relax all day. Instead, do some other form of activity like walking, swimming or some stretching, however, take the rest days. This is where your body will rebuild and get fitter.

Most beginners to cycling make the mistake of using too “heavy” of a gear and find it hard to turn the pedals. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your gears. Get used to changing them so that you are pedaling at about 80 – 90 Revs per Minute.

Start slow and build up. These plans are designed to get you to do a little more each week to gain fitness. Sometimes we can start very enthusiastically and go for longer and harder than we should but this can lead to over-training, so listen to your body and progress at your own pace.

Get used to drinking on the bike and if you are doing spins longer than 90mins you can eat a banana or a small energy bar during your ride.

Just get started!

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If you are new to the ever growing sport of cycling - this page is here to offer some assistance.  From bike maintaince to a 50 kilometre training plan and also links to the cycle to work scheme.